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The average monthly sponsorship amount is approximately $25.00 per month. The average cost however needed to raise a child per month is $500.00. This covers food, clothing, education, orphanage operations, teacher's salary, Doctor's salary, and general employee's needed to care for the orphans. Each sponsor has the option of deciding the amount in which they desire to support their child or family. We would like to generate enough sponsors to meet this financial need. In whatever amount you chose to benefit your sponsored child, know that each child will be cared for with the same loving care regardless. Thank you for your heart in helping the plight of the Romanian orphans and poor families.

As you have done it unto to the least of these, you have done it unto me
Matthew 25:40

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Hand of Help Orphanage

Our Children

These are some of the children at the orphanage, click a child to see a more detailed profile if he or she has one. Cristian A (14 yr old boy)
Edera (10 yr old girl)
Ionela S (7 yr old girl)
Robert S (9 yr old boy)
Iulian V (12 yr old boy)
Catalina-Georgiana (8 yr old girl)
Andreea-Corina M (8 yr old girl)
Alexandru-Sorin (16 yr old boy)
Alina-Violeta (13 yr old girl)
Ana-Maria (16 yr old girl)
Ilie Cosmin (14 yr old boy)
Dumitru (16 yr old boy)
Iedera (16 yr old girl)
Madalina (20 yr old girl)
Miriam (17 yr old girl)
Cornelia-Adriana (7 yr old girl)
Biatrisa (6 yr old girl)
Alicia (4 yr old girl)
Constantin (11 yr old boy)
Elvis-Ionel (11 yr old boy)
Vasile Raul (9 yr old boy)
Alexandru (10 yr old boy)
Alin Claudiu (13 yr old boy)
Vasile (10 yr old boy)
Iulian-Mihai (8 yr old boy)
Iulia (8 yr old girl)
Alecu (12 yr old boy)
Liviu (12 yr old boy)
Petru Iulian (11 yr old boy)
Nicolae-Vlad (11 yr old boy)
Andreea (8 yr old girl)
Danusia (10 yr old girl)
Marian C (6 yr old boy)
Andreea C (5 yr old girl)
Mihaela C (7 yr old girl)
Andrei Rares R (4 yr old boy)
Maria C (5 yr old girl)
Petru A (5 yr old boy)
Petronela A (5 yr old girl)
Nicoleta B (13 yr old girl)
Petrisor-Vladut C (15 yr old boy)
Marian-Daniel (17 yr old boy)
Marian (16 yr old boy)
Marian A (12 yr old boy)
Lorena R (7 yr old girl)
Iuliana B (17 yr old girl)
Iuliana Diana (10 yr old girl)
Iulian B (9 yr old boy)
Ionut-Stefan (17 yr old boy)
Dumitru Florin C (11 yr old boy)
Florin-Catalin (10 yr old boy)
Emanuela (19 yr old girl)
Alina (13 yr old girl)
Abel R (11 yr old boy)
Andreea A. (8 yr old girl)
Cosima (9 yr old girl)
Dumitru Alexandru (9 yr old boy)
Sebastian B (9 yr old boy)
Georgiana (10 yr old girl)
Madalina Elena (11 yr old girl)
Sebastian-Madalin (12 yr old boy)
Catalina (15 yr old girl)
Paula (15 yr old girl)
Petronela-Daniela (15 yr old girl)
George (15 yr old boy)
Mihaela (16 yr old girl)
Ioan V (16 yr old boy)
Lidia Nadia (17 yr old girl)
Andrei Mihai (17 yr old boy)
Denisa Maria (17 yr old girl)
Alexandru O (17 yr old boy)
Estera (19 yr old girl)

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The child of the month is Cristian A. In January 2011, after the local authorities asked for our help, our orphanage was able to welcome Cristian and his brothers...

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